Writing the Block, Breathing the Tension

Will you be my Valentine?

I’ve sat in front of this computer no less than a dozen times in the last 6 months trying to crank out blog posts.  Unlike other periods of writer’s block, I have not been short of ideas, nor inspiration.   In fact I hear my inner muse daily – begging me to write.  The problem is that I […]

The Story My Body Tells


My daughter’s in bed, earlier than normal and without the usual tantrum episode that accompanies bed time.  The tightness in my chest has not yet release anxiety’s grip and my breath is thwarted by the anticipated stress of this time of night.  I can feel a slight tension pervading my whole body as some level of me […]

A Valentine for Your Heart

Boheken Heart, Bologna

As I sit in the sweltering sunshine at my usual coffee shop I forget for a moment that we are in the middle of the cold, dark winter.  It is like a little Valentine from God for me today and has inspired me to “pay it forward”.  If I could bottle this sunshine and spray a bit […]

Destruction, liberation and forgiveness.


How do I begin a post like this one?  Despite numerous attempts over the last few weeks of inactivity on my blog  I have not found a graceful or poetic way to say that I’ve ended my marriage.  Ya, Merry Christmas hey?  There would have been a thousand better times for this tidal force to move me […]

Silence, Vigil and the Connecticut Shootings.

Candle Light

I wanted to write a post on the Connecticut shootings that reflected some critical thought about the tragedy.  I wanted to respond to some of the reactions and opinions that are spilling out all over social media.  I had wondered what it might look like to offer a spiritual perspective on the shootings, and the abhorrent treatment […]

On Solitude

Stone Corridor under Sky (painting) and Corridor (poem)

“Language has created the word loneliness to express the pain of being alone.  And it has created the word solitude to express the glory of being alone” – Paul Tillich   If you’ve read my last two posts, it’s obvious I’ve been holding some difficult things.  Well, the drum beat has stilled, and the echo leaves me […]


Native Drums

        There you are. That place in me that knows secret things. The place between the drumstick and the drum from which the beat arises. A place of violence.  And of music… I am here now, being beaten into song. Is it the song of my soul? Or just the painful, relentless throb of […]

On Loneliness

Lonely Reader - A5

It was years ago, in university, I remember a professor commenting that we come into life alone, go out alone and that no one is ever really able to enter our experiences with us.  His point was that existential loneliness is a fact of human life.  I have not felt the truth of this so clearly as […]

On Happiness

happy iris

What is happiness?  I’ve been contemplating this for weeks.  It seems the notion of happiness can have so many meanings, across paradigms as well as within me.  Patanjali spends a great deal of time talking about the nature of “bliss”, the ultimate happiness.  But for him it is lifetimes of work to realize the stillness of being […]

Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi

Playa Yoga

The following is by Guest Contributor Brian Leaf, M.A. on the Keys to Happiness –  the author of Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi draws upon twenty-one years of intensive study, practice, and teaching of yoga, meditation, and holistic health. Visit him online at http://www.Misadventures-of-a-Yogi.com. During my first two years studying at Georgetown University, I realized how […]

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