For the last 13 years I have taught classes in and around Camrose, Alberta. I teach Fall, Winter and Spring sessions and focus on retreats and workshops during the summer months. Each session I teach has a different focus in which I develop classes that increase emotional intelligence and work to identify and shift mental-emotional patterning in the body.Because of the progressive intent of each session my classes require students to commit to pre-registered class times, however, there is opportunity to make up missed classes in other class times during the week.


My blog is a fleshing out of my dance with life. Its contents are not only inner musings but an offering to anyone interested in the pursuit of meaning and wholeness.   I choose topics from yoga, spirituality and psychology that may of relevance both in my own life and the lives of my readers. I am happy to answer general questions about these topics through my blog, and questions can be sent by message to my email or Facebook inbox. I think of writing as an extension of my yoga practice and answering questions as an extension of my teaching.


Along with teaching yoga I am also a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. I have worked with a diverse population of people in my therapy practice – from people needing simple advice, to those with chronic or acute mental illness. I also work with people who are interested in increased self-awareness and the development of spirituality. Safety is of utmost importance to me and I employ a wide variety of approaches to psychotherapy depending on the needs of the individual.


April 24, 2016 – Mind, Body, Soul toolkit.  Chuck MacLean Arts Centre, Camrose, AB.  $85. Click here for more info.

June 3, 4 and 5 – Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training Module with Empowered Yoga, Edmonton, AB Click here for more info.


Falling Open

Expanding Possibilities, Liberating Life Force

Alexas_Fotos / PixabayOne of the major contributions yoga can make to greater mental and emotional well being is its capacity to develop new ranges of feeling and expression. Like a tree that wants to grow into full expression, in the directions inspired by its natural ability, we also have a myriad of potential for feeling into and […]

Committing to Depth

Skitterphoto / PixabayI like to indulge philosophy like ice cream – up to my elbows and for as long as possible.   There was a time in my undergraduate years that my day would be a continuous cycle of read, contemplate, repeat – alternating coffee shops and couches until I hit satiation point.  Which, like with ice cream, wasn’t […]

Supermoon, symbolism and our collective shadow.

skeeze / PixabayTonight I drove just out of town to a familiar field to watch the lunar eclipse with my 6 year old.  I told her we were going to see the BLOOD MOON,  hoping to instil some excitement – she wondered if there would be rides there.  I told her “no it’s just a field”, which […]

Skinny dipping in the ocean

Mariamichelle / PixabayYesterday I stripped bare on a secluded beach on the West Coast of Canada and threw myself in the ice cold ocean.  I had to shed it.  My clothes, my better judgement, the ought to’s and shoulds of culture that weigh on me daily like an ascetics hairshirt.  I had to strip it down.  The […]

Getting Grounded

mark-weaver / Pixabay  There are so many things on deck in my heart that I want to write about – but this NEEDS to be written.  I saw this video today and it hit me so hard.  I spend a lot of time in my yoga practice and teaching on getting grounded – it’s a typical practice in yoga in […]

Body Positive Yoga – Another perspective in an ongoing dialogue.

SuXxLe / PixabayThis post is my contribution to the attempted dialogue about body positive yoga involving Melanie Klein of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and Kathryn Budig. For background, Melanie’s “Open Letter to Kathryn Budig” can be found here (An Open Letter to Kathryn Budig) Melanie, I feel impelled to reply to your Open Letter to […]